Takes if off your hands

You’ve clearly stated it in your payment terms and conditions: ‘We request you pay this invoice within the term of 30 days.’ It has been a month and a half now, and still your bank account shows no sign of the invoice having been paid. Letters and phone calls fall to deaf ears. Excuse after excuse is given in an attempt to lead you on. But a deal is a deal, you have a right to your money. Debtors that pay their invoices late, or not at all, take up valuable time, energy, and money. Now it’s high time to switch to payment collection and enlist the services of Incassoplein. Does your company have an overdue invoice, or several even? Call (040) 241 10 36 and let us handle the collection of your outstanding amounts for you.


No cure, no pay collection

Incassoplein’s 20 years of experience with payment collection means we’ve seen it all. Our personal and decisive approach gives us a quick foot in the door with debtors. Phone calls, letters and possibly a home or company visit show them the consequences an unpaid invoice could have for them. This way, we aim to collect your money without involving the courts. We’ve consciously chosen a ‘no cure, no pay’ system for this. Incassoplein only charges commission if your outstanding amount is successfully recovered. Even then, none of this cost will be for your account, unless collection fees can not be recovered from your debtor.

Collecting throughout Europe from Eindhoven

From our Eindhoven base Incassoplein collects for clients throughout the Netherlands. We feel that payment collection does not stop at the border. That is why Incassoplein manages payment collection throughout Europe. Your company could be one of many doing business internationally, and tardy or neglectful debtors are not just a domestic issue. For payment collections abroad we use an international network of agents, lawyers and court bailiffs that are familiar with the local laws. Naturally, Incassoplein will act as your contact throughout this process.

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